Frequently Asked Questions

Business Account FAQ's

How Much Does HandyLo Cost?

HandyLo charges a flat monthly fee of $29 or a one time annual payment of $290 to own and operate a business account. There are no other hidden costs or fees and never pay extra for leads on HandyLo! You can cancel your account at anytime, no contract, no obligations.

Will I Be Billed During My Free Trial?

No, we will not bill you during your free trial and you can cancel at any time. Unless you cancel your trial you will be billed on the first day after your 90 day trial.

When Does HandyLo Charge Me For A Job?

Nothing, HandyLo does not take a percentage of any transaction made through our payment system.

How Does HandyLo Match Me To Customers Looking For My Services?

We have made it incredibly easy and reliable for customers to find your business. With one click they will be directed to a list of businesses in their area for the type of service they need. HandyLo lists each business in no particular order and customers can compare your profile and reviews to others to help them make a selection.

Also, customers can REFER your business to their friends and family by using the “Refer to a Friend” button on your profile. Each time you get referred it will show up on your profile as a reference to customers that you are highly sought out for your services!

What If I Need Help Setting Up A Profile On HandyLo And How To Use The Dashboard?

We can certainly help you out setting up a complete profile and how to use our services and at no extra cost. Give us a call at 1-866-582-4958.

Customer FAQ

How Much Does HandyLo Cost?

For customers looking for services on HandyLo there is no cost at all! We want all of our customers to have an easy, reliable way to find skilled trade businesses quickly.

When Does HandyLo Charge Me To Find A Provider?

Not a thing! You can register, search, review profiles, send request to receive quotes, schedule appointments, leave testimonials, all for free.

How Does HandyLo Match Me To A Provider?

Our team is dedicated to matching you with the most reliable professionals in your area. The more details you can provide, the better we can assist you! Our handy professionals list exactly which skill sets they are experienced in and we match both the needs of the customer and experience of the professional so you can compare and chose.