How it Works

Finding skilled contractors is as easy as 1-2-3...

Choose the service that you need and your zip code and HandyLo will show you businesses in your area that can provide the service you need. You also have the option to request free quotes/estimates from multiple businesses in your area making it easier to find the best service at the best price!

Compare the best pros in your area through reviews, portfolio’s, quotes, and more! By scheduling your appointment through HandyLo you not only get alerts but get all of your job details saved on your dashboard and you have the option to pay the business online securely through HandyLo. Every business on HandyLo gets 100% of the payment and all invoices and receipts are stored securely on your HandyLo Dashboard.

Get the job done and leave a review of the services completed on the provider’s HandyLo page so others can chose the best local pros! We strongly encourage each customer to then recommend businesses to your friends and family to help the HandyLo community grow so the people you care about also get a great service by a great local business!